Our Projects

Over the years we have been very privileged to be involved in many lighting design and energy audit projects from local schools and colleges, West End theatres, privately owned estates, NHS and private hospitals etc; and from small to large “blue chip” companies. We work closely with professional manufacturing companies to make sure the right design scheme and product is not only specified and supplied, but on time and more importantly within budget.

A brief outline of just some of our projects:-

Syon Park House

We were asked to provide a lighting solution to change the existing lights in the Great Conservatory at Syon Park. The design brief was to put forward a lighting scheme that would not only illuminate the Victorian glass dome, but be fully dimmable due to the different types of functions that are staged in the conservatory. We had to find the right dimmable fitting, with the right output and then get some bespoke brackets made to secure them to the existing supporting steel work. Working closely with Commercial Lighting Systems Limited and Meyer light fittings, the scheme was submitted, sample fittings approved and work was under way. The end result can be seen below.

That was phase 1, phase 2 was to light the east and west wing of the conservatory, with colour changing led fittings that can be set to certain colours to match a particular theme specified for different functions i.e pink themed wedding.

Again we worked closely with manufacturers to put forward the right products, to suit the budget, supplied, installed and commissioned.

Further projects on site have included led path way lighting, the main driveway illuminated again with led’s and floodlighting the main house (work in progress)

Schools, Colleges and Universities

In addition to this we have worked on various projects at local schools and colleges to put forward energy saving lighting schemes to not only save the school or college money, but reduce maintenance costs. We try where possible and budget permitting to include smart microwave sensor switching so the fittings are not left on unnecessarily.

One such example was to design and supply 2D 28 watt bulkheads to a large NHS hospital, with built in microwave sensors for installation in all the toilets. The pay back period was calculated at less than two years. Another was to remove the existing T12 fluorescent fittings in a school and replace them with energy efficient T5 versions, again controlled with occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption even further.